SAVING THE SURVIVORS – Creating Hope from Hurt

The Saving the Survivors Non-Profit Organisation was started in 2012 by two vetenarians namely Dr Johan Marais and Dr Gerhard Steenkamp. Their goal is to care for and look after Rhino that have survived a poaching incident or survived any other traumatic injury. 

It is enormously complicated and dangerous to transport an injured Rhino from its natural habitat where the injury has occurred to the specialised Onderstepoort hospital in Pretoria. Onderstepoort is also not equipped to house Rhinos that are older than eighteen months of age.  

It was the wish of The Saving the Survivors team to find private funding to make it possible to respond to Rhinos in crisis immediately and for them to operate on these Rhinos whilst in the field. 

 Dr Johan Marais and his team at Onderstepoort, Pretoria operating on a male Rhino with an injured foot 

 Dr Johan Marais in the foreground