Hurlyvale Primary School is situated in Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa. The Deputy Principal, Graeme Mitchley, has created awareness amongst his school pupils. Graeme organised a visit by Irene Huysman of Rhino SA, where she presented her education programme to the children. Hurlyvale Primary School is working closely with Grayhurst Preparatory School in Gerrards Cross, United Kingdom, on various rhino conservation projects and initiatives.

Graeme has created a lot of interest in his school and he persuaded the children and their parents to donate various items to the Rhino Orphanage, Legend Lodges.

Graeme Mitchley with his wife and the volunteers and the owner of the Rhino Orphanage, Arrie van der Venter, With all the goods donated by the pupils of Hurlyvale Primary School

Graeme Mitchley with the orphans

Graeme Mitchley and Hurleyvale Primary School are also great supporters of the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre in Limpopo.  Graeme is also an amateur wildlife photographer and allows us continued access to his incredible images which we use for all our social media platforms to raise awareness for the Rhino crisis.