Dave Bester has spent twenty-eight years in the advertising industry in the World Design Capital 2014, Cape Town. Dave is retired after owning his own advertising agency Bester Burke for seventeen years. 

Dave, the father of four sons, balanced the demands of Fatherhood and being a husband with his growing business.  His philosophy was a simple one – he had to be there to tuck his boys in at night and there to wake them in the mornings.

It was this philosophy that led to the birth of his new book.

My Friend Paperman is a quick and easy collection of bedtime stories with two main characters;

A young boy called Nic and his special friend Paperman. Readers are encouraged to substitute Nic’s name with the name of their child in order to personalise the stories.

When Nic is not around Paperman loves to go out and explore. He meets lots of interesting characters on his escapades, but inevitably gets himself into a spot of bother and desperately hopes that his special friend Nic will come home and save him.

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"Some years ago I became aware of the Rhino Orphanage and specifically a story that baby rhinos were given apple juice to drink because this appeared to have a calming effect on the traumatised little animals.

In chatting to the various individuals involved in raising awareness for the plight of the African rhino it became clear that there are many people and organisations who are trying to mobilise support to save the African Rhino, whether simply by raising awareness, trying to stop the poaching, medically dealing with the survivors of poaching attacks, or caring for the orphans of victims. And many people around the world share the concern about the future of the African Rhino.

The Paperman stories are about your young child having a special friend called Paperman. I believe that all endangered animals should also have a special friend called Paperman, a friend who raises awareness for their plight, but also makes it possible for ordinary individuals to contribute to saving this species for future generations. Some of these animals are featured in dedicated stories in the book, including the rhino, the African elephant, the Asian elephant, the Bengal tiger and even the Natterjack toad." Dave Bester

5% of every sale of My Friend Paperman will be donated to Rhinos in Africa, to be put to use providing financial support to those organisations who, through their tireless efforts, will ensure that our children will one day have the privilege of seeing real-life rhinos rather than computer generated versions of an extinct species.  

David Bester

Read one of the stories "Paperman makes a new friend" by clicking HERE